Rajkumar Gupta

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Heat exchangers are the important engineering systems with wide variety of applications including power plants, nuclear reactors, refrigeration and airconditioning systems, heat recovery systems, chemical processing and food industries. Helical coil configuration is very effective for heat exchangers and chemical reactors because they can accommodate a(More)
Aim. To identify the predictors of compliance to gluten free diet in children with celiac disease. Methods. 134 children in the study group were assessed for dietary compliance followed by a questionnaire based interview. Psychosocial parameters were assessed by standard Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PSC). Dietary compliant and noncompliant groups were(More)
PURPOSE To study whether breastfeeding and breastfeeding status during gluten introduction influences the age at diagnosis of celiac disease (CD). In addition to study, whether the timing of gluten introduction influences the age at diagnosis of CD. METHODS It was a hospital based observational study. Total 198 patients diagnosed with CD as per modified(More)
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