Rajkishor Rai

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N-Protected derivatives of 1-amino-cyclo-hexa-neacetic acid (β(3,3)-Ac6c), namely Valeroyl-β(3,3)-Ac6c-OH [2-(1-pentanamidocyclohexyl)acetic acid, C13H23NO3], (I), Fmoc-β(3,3)-Ac6c-OH [2-(1-{[(9H-fluoren-9-yloxy)carbonyl]amino}cyclohexyl)acetic acid, C23H25NO4], (II), and Pyr-β(3,3)-Ac6c-OH {2-[1-(pyrazine-2-amido)cyclohexyl]acetic acid, C13H17N3O3}, (III),(More)
The title compound, C12H23NO2·0.5H2O, crystallized with two 2-(1-amino-4-tert-butylcyclohexyl)acetic acid mol-ecules, which are present as zwitterions, and one water mol-ecule in the asymmetric unit. The mol-ecular structure of each zwitterion is stabilized by an intra-molecular six-membered (C 6 ) N-H⋯O hydrogen bond. In the crystal, the two independent(More)
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