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GRA Based Network Selection in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
A multi-criteria access network selection algorithm is proposed in Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access–Wireless Fidelity environment, in order to facilitate the provision of high quality services and at the same time to satisfy different types of user service level agreements. Expand
Non local means algorithm with adaptive isotropic search window size for image denoising
The selection of search window size is a critical issue in Non-local means (NLM) algorithm. The selection of small search window size for a pixel lying in smooth or homogeneous region limits theExpand
Adaptive selection of search region for NLM based image denoising
The proposed algorithm selects an optimal size of search window for each pixel such that the variance of search region in the filtered image is close to the estimated variance of the corresponding region in an original image. Expand
Grey relational analysis based adaptive smoothing parameter for non-local means image denoising
Experimental results show that the proposed GRANLM algorithm outperforms the traditional NLM algorithm and other NLM variants in terms of peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR), structural similarity index measure (SSIM), visual quality and method noise. Expand
A statistical approach to adaptive search region selection for NLM-based image denoising algorithm
The proposed algorithm adaptively selects an optimal size search region for a pixel based on maximization of ratio of contribution of similar pixels to dissimilar pixels for different search regions centered on that pixel. Expand
Effect of CSL on the characteristics of six-pocket hybrid irregular journal bearing
This article examines the effect of couple stress lubricant on the characteristics of six-pocket hybrid irregular journal bearing system. Various shapes of irregular journals viz. barrel, bell-mouth,Expand
Radial deformation analysis of couple stress fluid operated multi-lobe hydrodynamic journal bearing
Abstract In high speed rotating machine parts the elasticity of the bearings supporting the journal plays key role. The present work is related to couple stress fluid (CSF) operated multi-lobeExpand
Characterization of local regions for wavelet-based image denoising using a statistical approach
The shape of local window plays a vital role in the estimation of original signal variance, which is used to shrink the noisy wavelet coefficients in wavelet-based image denoising algorithms. This ...