Rajiv Tiwari

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The design of rolling bearings has to satisfy various constraints, e.g. the geometrical, kinematics and the strength, while delivering excellent performance, long life and high reliability. This invokes the need of an optimal design methodology to achieve these objectives collectively, i.e. the multi-objective optimisation. In this paper, three primary(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, ETV has been found to be effective in patients with TBMH; however, its precise selection criteria are yet to be established. We carried out this study to identify the factors affecting the outcome of ETV in TBMH. METHODS Fourteen patients with TBMH (11 male patients and 3 female patients; mean age, 15.7 years; range, 9 months(More)
Fungal infection of the paranasal sinuses is an increasingly recognized entity, both in normal and immunocompromised individuals. The recent increase in mycotic nasal and paranasal infections is due to both improved diagnostic research and an increase in the conditions that favor fungal infection. Although fungal infections of the paranasal sinus are(More)
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