Rajiv Srivastava

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The synthesis of a nido-carboranyl congener of misonidazole, 1-(3'-nido-carboranyl-2'-hydroxy)propyl-2-nitroimidazole, has been carried out. Alternative methods of preparations were conducted to optimize the chemical yield, with a five step synthesis giving an overall yield (from 1,2-carborane) of 36%. A diastereomeric pair of nido-carboranyl compounds was(More)
Named entities are important content-carrying units within documents. Consequently named entity recognition (NER) is an important part of information extraction. One fast and accurate approach to NER uses a <i>list</i> or <i>gazette</i> consisting of known instances. Gazette creation problem considers how to automatically create a comprehensive gazette from(More)
Iodination and radioiodination reactions of several anionic nido- and closo-monocarbon carboranes were conducted. Iodinations occurred more rapidly with nido-carboranes than with closo-carboranes. The most rapid iodination and radioiodination reactions occurred with unsubstituted carboranes. C-amino and C-ammonium derivatives did not iodinate under the(More)
This paper describes a compound cost/benefit/risk (CBR) analysis methodology and its application in a Computing System for assessing the security threats, vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions. These factors are analyzed, evaluated and presented in a practical meaningful perspective. The Decision Making Factor which justifies the selection of(More)
An investigation to prepare a phenylalanine derivative which could be radioiodinated and used directly in peptide synthesis was conducted. N-Boc-p-(tri-n-butylstannyl)-L-phenylalanine tetrafluorophenyl ester was targeted and synthesized from N-Boc-p-iodo-L-phenylalanine. The requisite aryl stannylation reaction was found to be best conducted using the(More)