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Named entities are important content-carrying units within documents. Consequently named entity recognition (NER) is an important part of information extraction. One fast and accurate approach to NER uses a <i>list</i> or <i>gazette</i> consisting of known instances. Gazette creation problem considers how to automatically create a comprehensive gazette from(More)
Current optical switching technologies allow us to rapidly deliver the enormous bandwidth of wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) networks. Broad acceptance of fiber optic and photonic technology in transmission systems has led to potential opportunities for using all-optical switching to utilise high bandwidth of the fiber and to cater the ever increasing(More)
AMract We p r e s e n t a d y e l a s e r c a p a b l e o f genera t ing 170 ps pu lses by means o f pass ive modelocking w i t h c o l l i d i n g pu lses i n a r i n g c a v i t y . The a c t i v e mediurn i s Rhodarnine 6 G and the s a t u r a b l e absorber i s D O D C I . The average o u t p u t power i s 30mW and t h e p u l s e r e p e t i t i o n r(More)
Images plays a very important role in human being’s life. They are very useful in all the problems we came across day by day. Such as, satellite images are used for traffic analysis or in developed cities traffic analysis is also done through the CCTV cameras. But images which are captured under bad weather conditions suffer low contrast so as their quality(More)