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An approach to generating provably correct sequential code from formally developed algorithmic designs is presented. Given an algorithm modelled in the Event-B formalism, we automatically translate the design into the SPARK programming language. Our translation builds upon Abrial's approach to the development of sequential programs from Event-B models.(More)
Set of binary sequences with good pair wise cross-correlation finds application in code division multiple access (CDMA) system. Normally in these schemes, since cross-correlation has a minimum value but not zero, if the number of users increases at a time, there is degradation in the quality of the received signal. Chaotic sequences have good correlation(More)
This paper discusses the linear complexity property of binary sequences generated using matrix recurrence relation defined over Z 4. Generally algorithm to generate random number is based on recursion with seed value/values. In this paper a linear recursion sequence of matrices or vectors over Z 4 is generated from which random binary sequence is obtained.(More)
A Subset S of the vertex set of a graph G is called a dominating set of G if each vertex of G is either in S or adjacent to at least one vertex in S. A partition D = {D 1 , D 2 , …, D k } of the vertex set of G is said to be a domatic partition or simply a d-partition of G if each class D i of D is a dominating set in G. The maximum cardinality taken over(More)
The goal of the proposed system is to retrieve the corresponding image from the database based on the query image. Now-a-days images are stored in the database in the form of digital. Thus, retrieval of image from huge database become complex. Most of the existing system uses indirect method of retrieval and they have no methodology. Thus the major aim of(More)
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