Rajiv Murali

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An approach to generating provably correct sequential code from formally developed algorithmic designs is presented. Given an algorithm modelled in the Event-B formalism, we automatically translate the design into the SPARK programming language. Our translation builds upon Abrial's approach to the development of sequential programs from Event-B models.(More)
This paper describes the hardware implementation of real time configurable, electronically steered, transducer array for ultrasonic applications. In a transducer array radiation pattern of each of the elements are superimposed to get the resultant radiation pattern of the array. By applying progressive phase delay (time delay) to the driving signal of each(More)
This paper presents dc-dc converter operation of boost converter are an enabling soft switching technology. This proposed converter configuration can achieve zero voltage switching. The circuit consists of a general boost Converter with an auxiliary circuit which has a additional switch, and resonant components (snubbers). Boost converter has loss(More)
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