Rajiv Juneja

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The use of alternative strategies to the traditional pre-dose/trough (C0) blood sampling for cyclosporine (CsA) therapeutic drug monitoring has the potential to revolutionize analytical practices which have, in many centers, been established for some 20 years. While the C0 sample has previously been recommended, current attitudes are increasingly proposing(More)
Inflammatory pseudotumour (IPT) is a rare disease of unknown cause that most commonly involves the lung but can occur in almost any site in the body. Occurrence in the kidneys is very rare and bilateral renal involvement even rarer. There are 34 previously reported cases in the English-language medical literature between 1966 and 2008. Herein we report a(More)
Complications associated with bladder-drained pancreatic transplant are not uncommon and include urinary tract infections and reflux pancreatitis. Bladder rupture with peritoneal leak is a rare complication after pancreatic transplantation and can present as an acute abdomen with rapidly deteriorating renal function. We describe the first case of a urine(More)
Abstract Calcific uremic arteriolopathy (CUA) is a rare but life-threatening disorder of arteriolar calcification. It frequently leads to severe ischemia, intense pain, and tissue necrosis with non-healing skin ulcerations. CUA usually occurs in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), especially those on dialysis, and its occurrence is rare in kidney(More)
Human polyomaviruses have entered the domain of clinical decision-making in renal transplantation and this has coincided with the use of more potent immunosuppressive regimens. BK polyomavirus has predominated, resulting in nephropathy and ureteral strictures with the potential for graft loss [1]. JCV is a type of human polyomavirus, named with the initials(More)
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