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A methodology for controlling the size of a test suite
The authors present a technique that selects from a test suite a representative set of test cases that provides the same measure of coverage as the test suite by means of the data flow testing methodology. Expand
Linear Pushbroom Cameras
The linear pushbroom model introduced in this paper has the advantage of computational simplicity while at the same time giving very accurate results compared with the full orbiting push broom model. Expand
Stereo from uncalibrated cameras
The problem of computing placement of points in 3-D space, given two uncalibrated perspective views, is considered and it is possible to determine projective invariants of3-D geometric configurations from two perspective views. Expand
Heavy metals and living systems: An overview
Molecular understanding of plant metal accumulation has numerous biotechnological implications also, the long term effects of which might not be yet known. Expand
Beneficial effects of terlipressin in hepatorenal syndrome: A prospective, randomized placebo‐controlled clinical trial
The effects of terlipressin on renal function, systemic hemodynamics and clinical outcome in patients with HRS were examined. Expand
A remark on Artin's conjecture
A famous conjecture o f E. Ar t in [ t ] s tates that for any integer a 4= +_ I or a perfect square, there are infini tely many pr imes p for which a is a pr imit ive roo t (modp) . This conjectureExpand
The renal patient with coronary artery disease: current concepts and dilemmas.
The scope of the challenge, the hostile internal milieu predisposing to CAD and cardiac events, management issues, unresolved dilemmas, and the need for randomized trials to allow for evidence-based treatment are reviewed. Expand
Association of Educational, Occupational and Socioeconomic Status with Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Asian Indians: A Cross-Sectional Study
Low educational, occupational and socioeconomic status Asian Indians have greater prevalence of truncal obesity, low HDL cholesterol, hypertriglyceridemia, smoking or tobacco use and low physical activity and clustering of > = 3 major cardiovascular risk factors. Expand
Primitive points on elliptic curves
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Estimation of nickel and chromium in saliva of patients with fixed orthodontic appliances.
The salivary nickel and chromium concentrations significantly increased after insertion of fixed orthodontic appliances as compared to baseline levels, with the maximum concentration seen in the first week after placement of fixed Orthodontics appliances. Expand