Rajiv Dhamija

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Brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER) and the mid latency response (MLR) were recorded in 25 diabetic men and compared with a group of 25 control subjects. The threshold of hearing was higher (P less than 0.001) in the patients. The BAER peak latencies were also significantly prolonged in both the ears; however, the degree of prolongation was more(More)
The ingestion of ethylene glycol results in toxicity with characteristic chemical, pathological, and imaging findings. In the case presented, magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated bilateral symmetric hyperintensity within the basal ganglia, thalami, and brainstem. Ethylene glycol toxicity also resulted in restricted diffusion within the white matter(More)
A hypertensive woman presenting as pure motor hemiparesis with rapid and complete recovery from the neurological deficit is described. The probable aetiology was primary hypertensive putaminal haemorrhage, as revealed by CT scan. This rare presentation has been described only once earlier and emphasizes the value of CT scanning as a tool for diagnosis of(More)
Infarction of rostral brainstem and cerebral hemispheral regions fed by the distal basilar artery causes a clinically recognizable syndrome characterized by visual, oculomotor, and behavioral abnormalities, often without significant motor dysfunction. Rostral brainstem infarction produces oculomotor and pupillary signs that are identical to those in(More)
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