Rajiv D. Banker

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We evaluate, by means of mathematical programming formulations, the relative technical and scale efficiencies of decision making units (DMUs) when some of the inputs or outputs are exogenously fixed and beyond the discretionary control of DMU managers. This approach further develops the work on efficiency evaluation and on estimation of efficient production(More)
A DEA-based stochastic estimation framework is presented to evaluate contextual variables affecting productivity. Conditions are identified under which a two-stage procedure consisting of DEA followed by regression analysis yields consistent estimators of the impact of contextual variables. Conditions are also identified under which DEA in the first stage(More)
be applied cautiously to the large-scale commercial application systems that account for most software maintenance expenditures [13, 171. Furthermore, the limited large-scale research that has been undertaken has generated either conflicting results or none at all, as, for example, on the effects of software modularity and software structure [6, 121.(More)
Software maintenance claims a large proportion of organizational resources. It is thought that many maintenance problems derive from inadequate software design and development practices. Poor design choices can result in complex software that is costly to support and difficult to change. However, it is difficult to assess the actual maintenance performance(More)
Firms have been investing over $5 billion a year in recent years on new information technology and software in their manufacturing plants. In this study, we develop a conceptual model based on the theory of dynamic capabilities to study how manufacturing plants realize improvements in plant performance by leveraging plant information systems to enable(More)
This article discusses the role of commonly used neurophysiological tools such as psychophysiological tools (e.g., EKG, eye tracking) and neuroimaging tools (e.g., fMRI, EEG) in Information Systems research. There is heated interest now in the social sciences in capturing presumably objective data directly from the human body, and this interest in(More)
Growing competition in the investment banking industry has given rise to increasing demand for high functionality software applications that can be developed in a short period of time. Yet delivering such applications creates a bottleneck in software development activities. This dilemma can be addressed when firms shift to development methods that emphasize(More)
Almost 30 years after the introduction of the CIO position, the ideal CIO reporting structure (whether the CIO should report to the CEO or the CFO) is yet to be prescribed. There is an intuitive assumption among some proponents of IT that the CIO should always report to the CEO to emphasize the importance of IT in the firm and the clout of the CIO, while(More)
Abslmet-ln this paper we reconcile two opposing views regarding the presence of economies or diseconomies of scale In new software development. Our general approach hypothesizes a production function model of software development thot &lows for both increasing and drsmsing returns to sede, and argues that local scale economies or diseconomies depend upon(More)