Rajinikannan Marimuthu

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For the protection of both routing and data forwarding operations, a network layer security solution has been provided as a solution for various security attacks in ad hoc networks. In this paper, to develop a security framework has been proposed. This security framework involves: detection of malicious nodes by the destination node, isolation of malicious(More)
A fingerprint recognition system involves several steps. In such recognition systems, the matching of unequal number of minutia features is the most important and challenging step in fingerprint based bio-metrics recognition systems. In this paper, we used clustering based fingerprint image rotation algorithm, to improve the performance of the fingerprint(More)
As the world population grows, energy consumption is increasing, widening is the power deficiency. This creates more demand for energy efficient devices in the market. The lighting systems that are widely being used now do not employ any control energy utilization. In this paper we present wireless embedded control that can be used for both indoor lighting(More)
Many physically disabled individuals are not able to handle the home applications. If the directional discrimination of the movements of the eye can be achieved, then these individuals would be able to handle the home applications without the use of hands. Establishing an alternative channel without speaking and hand movements is important for handicapped(More)
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