Rajinder Kumar Sidhu

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A microfungal isolate of Embellisia sp. (Simmons), assigned Embellisia sp2, not previously described from the Antarctic, has been identified by morphological means and internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region sequencing. Embellisia sp2 was shown to be associated with the bryophyte Bryum argenteum, collected from Marble Point in Southern Victoria Land,(More)
OBJECTIVE The study examined whether data collected by researchers who were service users differed from data collected by non-service user researchers in a study that measured perceived coercion. METHODS Over two years, 548 inpatients in England were interviewed during their first week of compulsory admission to a psychiatric bed at three regional mental(More)
There is increasing demand for nurses to work in primary care. This is driven in part by the need to retain current levels but also by the modernisation plans for primary care services, which require new roles for nurses, new ways of working and more nurses in primary care settings. While campaigns for increased recruitment of hospital nurses and doctors(More)
Methods Observation and mapping of Trust wide processes to identify shortfalls and barriers to timely approval. Evident that capacity within service support departments, R&D and local research teams was limited when dealing with amendments from all areas of research. Cases were identified in which not all parties were aware of amendments. It was decided to(More)
The objective of present work is to predict the temperature of refrigerant mixture at evaporator outlet using fuzzy modeling in autocascade refrigeration system. The fuzzy model is presented in this paper for the prediction refrigerant mixture temperature at evaporator outlet. The autocascade refrigeration system provides the possibility of keeping the(More)
Water saving agricultural technologies are a potentially important but under utilized lever to conserve groundwater in India. Technologies like laser levelers have high private returns and lead to water savings, yet the adoption rates are not very high. In order to provide insight for the design of policies to promote adoption, we conducted a survey based(More)
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