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Wireless Sensor Network Systems can be applied to monitor different environments ranging from military to civil applications. It has been observed that different protocols required for smooth functioning of the network system are highly application specific. Another important fact is that the communication protocols have significant role in achieving right(More)
Regression testing is an important and expensive activity that is undertaken every time a program is modified to ensure that the modifications do not introduce new bugs into previously validated code. An important research problem, in this context, is the selection of a relevant subset of test cases from the initial test suite that would minimize both the(More)
We present a comprehensive test case generation technique from UML models. We use the features in UML 2.0 sequence diagram including conditions, iterations, asynchronous messages and concurrent components. In our approach, test cases are derived from analysis artifacts such as use cases, their corresponding sequence diagrams and constraints specified across(More)
We present a multi-objective genetic algorithm for mining highly predictive and comprehensible classification rules from large databases. We emphasize predictive accuracy and comprehensibility of the rules. However, accuracy and comprehensibility of the rules often conflict with each other. This makes it an optimization problem that is very difficult to(More)
This paper presents a novel approach of generating test cases from UML design diagrams. We consider use case and sequence diagram in our test case generation scheme. Our approach consists of transforming a UML use case diagram into a graph called use case diagram graph (UDG) and sequence diagram into a graph called the sequence diagram graph (SDG) and then(More)
This paper proposes a technique for dynamic slicing of UML architectural models. The presence of related information in diverse model parts (or fragments) makes dynamic slicing of Unified Modeling Language (UML) models a complex problem. We first extract all relevant information from a UML model specifying a software architecture into an intermediate(More)