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  • Rajia Sultana, Rafia Akter, Zahangir Alam, Md. Rakibul Qadir, H. Ara Begum
  • 2013
S and reinforced polyester composites (S PCs) containing 10% to 60% sand with respect to the weight of unsaturated polyester resin have been prepared by compression molding. Different physico-mechanical properties such as water absorption, compressive strength, flexural strength, hardness and thermal conductivity of S PCs were investigated by standard(More)
Fusarium wilt is an important disease of pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.] and it can cause severe yield losses. Chemical control of this disease is difficult and expensive; therefore, cultivation of resistant varieties/hybrids is the most efficient strategy for enhancing the production. In the present study, by using a wilt susceptible(More)
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