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Technological Opportunism and Radical Technology Adoption: An Application to E-Business
Using the resource-based view of the firm, the authors hypothesize that differences in adoption of radical technologies among firms can be attributed to a sense-and-respond capability of firms withExpand
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Advertising, Research and Development, and Systematic Risk of the Firm:
Abstract Marketing executives are being urged to speak in the language of finance to gain internal support for marketing initiatives. Responding to this call, the authors examine the impact of aExpand
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Turning adversity into advantage: Does proactive marketing during a recession pay off?
Abstract Recessions can severely affect the performance of firms, and even their very survival. However, all firms are not equally affected by a recession. Some firms view recessions as opportunitiesExpand
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Dual Distribution and Intangible Firm Value: Franchising in Restaurant Chains
Dual distribution systems in which firms use vertical integration and market governance simultaneously are widely used across diverse marketing contexts (e.g., restaurants, retailing, industrialExpand
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The Emergence of Dominant Designs
Abstract In many product categories, technological evolution results in the emergence of a single product design that achieves market dominance. In this article, the authors examine two questions:Expand
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Vicarious Learning in New Product Introductions in the Early Years of a Converging Market
Technological developments combine previously distinct technologies that result in converging markets. In converging markets, firms from different industries compete against each other, often for theExpand
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First in, First out? The Effects of Network Externalities on Pioneer Survival
Network externalities are playing an increasingly important role in the economy, and they have significant implications for firms’ marketing strategies. The authors study the effects of networkExpand
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Should Firms Spend More on Research and Development and Advertising during Recessions?
Whenever a recession occurs, there is a heated dialog among marketing academics and practitioners about the appropriate levels of marketing spending. In this article, the authors investigate whetherExpand
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Strategic Firm Commitments and Rewards for Customer Relationship Management in Online Retailing
Academic studies offer a generally positive portrait of the effect of customer relationship management (CRM) on firm performance, but practitioners question its value. The authors argue that a firm'sExpand
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Supplier Performance in Vertical Alliances: The Effects of Self-Enforcing Agreements and Enforceable Contracts
The paper examines the significance of enforceability and adaptability in governing vertical alliances and their performance ramifications for suppliers. Literature on supplier relations suggestsExpand
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