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Chronic ER stress is emerging as a trigger that imbalances a number of systemic and arterial-wall factors and promote atherosclerosis. Macrophage apoptosis within advanced atherosclerotic lesions is(More)
Blast concussions are a common injury sustained in military combat today. Inflammation due to microglial polarization can drive the development of visual defects following blast injuries. In this(More)
  • Satish Rasaily, JMSCR Vol05Issue05Page, Raji Lenin
  • 2011
1 MD, Psychiatry, RIMS, Imphal 2 Associate Prof, Psychiatry, Dept of Psychiatry, RIMS, Imphal 3 Dept of Medicine, RIMS, Imphal Corresponding Author Dr Satish Rasaily MD Psychiatry cum Post-doctoral(More)
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