Rajeshwari Hegde

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A smart navigation system (an Electronic Travel Aid) based on an object detection mechanism has been designed to detect the presence of obstacles that immediately impede the path, by means of real time video processing. In this paper this is discussed, keeping in mind the navigation of the visually impaired. A video camera feeds images of the surroundings(More)
—Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are nowadays employed in automotives for discharging various functionalities within the vehicle. It has become the fundamental building block of any automotive subsystem and is interfaced with electro mechanical counterparts. To meet the system wide requirements, these ECUs are interconnected using the communication(More)
In this paper, we discuss the evolution of the mobile communication systems from GSM to LTE (2G to 4G) and the trends in the mobile communication industry. The Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is a well established cellular system targeted here due to its engineering success and the large number of users currently using the services. The(More)
Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are the fundamental electronic building blocks of any automotive system. They are multipurpose , multi-chip and multicore computer systems where more functionality is delivered in software rather than hardware. ECUs are valuable assets for the vehicles as critical time bounded messages are communicated through. Looking into(More)
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