Rajeshwari Hegde

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The Fourth Generation communication systems have speeds higher than those of 3G and have a more complicated architecture dedicated and defined for handling such voluminous data and to accommodate more users. The architecture also employs a specified protocol stack, software defined network along with their own security issues for wireless applications and(More)
Modern automotive subsystems are no longer a heap of electro-mechanics but instead involve a number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs). Electronic Control Unit (ECU) has become the fundamental building block of any automotive subsystem and is interfaced with electro mechanics counterpart. To meet the system wide requirements, these ECUs are interconnected(More)
The use of microcontroller boards are extremely common in day to day lives, to such an extent that it is impossible to live without them. The choice of controllers is numerous. In the market today, with rich features for every board it is hard to choose the best one. This research paper aims to compare two microcontroller boards and to point out pros and(More)
Mine detection using a surveillance drone is a modern conceptual prototype, which has been designed to detect landmines. Landmines were primarily used to create defensive and tactical barriers during the Second World War. They are still very much employed in large quantities in countries such as Afghanistan, Korea. A lot of these land mines still go(More)
In this paper, communication strategy of dynamic data transmission from a sensor to the cloud storage is discussed. Simulation will be done in arduino platform and net connectivity will be done through GSM module interfacing. The work was inspired by the idea of the approach on Internet of things and to develop a solution to minimize the excessive power(More)
The visually impaired face a lot of challenges in their day to day life. The major challenge for a visually impaired person is being able to walk and commute safely in a hectic environment. Various Collision avoidance systems have been developed to alert the user of an imminent obstacle as well as to help in navigation through a given area. This paper(More)
In this paper, we discuss the evolution of the mobile communication systems from GSM to LTE (2G to 4G) and the trends in the mobile communication industry. The Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is a well established cellular system targeted here due to its engineering success and the large number of users currently using the services. The(More)
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