Rajeshwari Ganesan

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This paper characterizes operational failures of a production Custom Package Good Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Events log collected over 283 days of in-field operation are used to characterize platform failures. The characterization is performed by estimating (i) common failure types of the platform, (ii) key factors impacting platform failures,(More)
Component-based development (CBD) has become a much talked-about subject today. While the technology of CBD-as exemplified by environments such as EJB and COM-has become increasingly mature, this has not been complemented by corresponding maturity on the methodology front. Of the few published methodologies available for the design of components, most(More)
An application's performance can suffer from significant computational overheads when it is moved from a native to a virtualized environment. Adoption of virtualization without understanding such overheads in detail can dramatically impact the overall performance of hosted applications. The rapid adoption of virtualization has fueled the development of new(More)
— The true essence of the technology of virtualization is the ability to allow one or more workloads to share the underlying physical resources, thereby bringing about significant cost saving. However, in order to maximize the cost saving from this disruptive technology, it is very essential to adopt optimal resource management techniques. These techniques(More)
—Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers immense advantages to a subscriber, as the SaaS subscriber pays for the amount of service he has consumed. This pay-per-use model offered by the SaaS provider is supported by the underlying virtualization technology, which allows sharing of the physical infrastructure among several clients who subscribe to the SaaS cloud(More)