Rajesh Tandon

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Seabuckthorn, a non-leguminous nodule bearing dioecious shrub, is a storehouse of neutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic usage. The 348 genotypes of Hippophae rhamnoides ssp. turkestanica, H. salicifolia and H. tibetana were collected from 194 locations at 46 major sites across ~1,500 km from north-east to north-west Himalayas, harboring one of the(More)
To decrease the cost of in vitro conservation of banana cv. Karpura Chakkarakeli (AAB; Mysore subgroup) without any adverse effects on cultures, expensive components of medium such as sucrose and gelling agents, i.e. phytagel or agar (90% of the total cost of the medium), were replaced with inexpensive alternates such as market sugar and isabgol,(More)
Podostemaceae is the largest family of fresh water aquatic angiosperms, which exhibits many unusual morphological and reproductive features. In India, the family is represented by 11 genera and 28 species, of which ~82 % are endemic. So far, the infrageneric relationships of the Indian taxa have remained unresolved. We carried out a phylogenetic study of(More)
The reproductive biology encompassing phenology, floral biology, pollination and breeding systems, of Butea monosperma, a beautiful tree of the Indian subcontinent, was investigated in a protected dry, deciduous forest located in New Delhi. Phenological studies indicated that although the species shows a regular flowering season, all trees do not flower(More)
The net consequence of nectar robbing on reproductive success of plants is usually negative and the positive effect is rarely produced. We evaluated the influence of nectar robbing on the behaviour of pollinators and the reproductive success of Tecomella undulata (Bignoniaceae) in a natural population. Experimental pollinations showed that the trees were(More)
Patient presented with a dural-based mass lesion and was diagnosed as having meningioma on imaging. Post-resection histological examination revealed a low grade follicular lymphoma. The patient received cranial radiotherapy and is recurrence-free at 6-month follow-up. Primary dural follicular lymphoma is an exceedingly rare entity with only as few as six(More)
Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton) has great commercial value as a spice crop in India. A one-step protocol for direct regeneration of plants and in vitro conservation by slow growth method has been developed. A maximum of 6.5 shoots/culture were obtained in 2 mo or 15.1 shoots/culture in 4 mo on Murashige and Skoog (Physiol Plant 15:473–497, 1962)(More)
Closure of carpels or angiospermy, a key developmental innovation, has been accomplished through different ontogenic routes among the flowering plants. The mechanism of angiospermy produces structural novelties in the gynoecium, which in turn affects the progamic phase. In this paper, we present the structural details of the gynoecium and functional(More)
We present a case of a 5-year-old child with a painless swelling on the neck. Imaging revealed a multilocular cystic lesion lying in close proximity to carotid vessels. Based on imaging a possibility of ectopic thymic cyst was considered, which was confirmed on histopathology. Ectopic cervical cyst is an infrequent cause of neck cyst in a child which is(More)