Rajesh Tailor

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This paper suggests two ratio-cum-product estimators of finite population mean using known coefficient of variation and co-efficient of kurtosis of auxiliary characters. The bias and mean squared error of the proposed estimators with large sample approximation are derived. It has been shown that the estimators suggested by Upadhyaya and Singh (1999) are(More)
This paper suggests a ratio-cum product estimator of a finite population mean using information on the coefficient of variation and the fcoefficient of kurtosis of auxiliary variate in stratified random sampling. Bias and MSE expressions of the suggested estimator are derived up to the first degree of approximation. The suggested estimator has been compared(More)
This paper deals with the problem of estimation of population mean in two-phase sampling. A ratio-product estimator of population mean using known coefficient of kurtosis of two auxiliary variates has been proposed. In fact, it is a two-phase sampling version of Tailor et al. (2010) estimator and its properties are studied. Proposed estimator has been(More)