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Recent years have seen several earnest initiatives from both academic researchers as well as open source communities to implement and deploy decentralized online social networks (DOSNs). The primary motivations for DOSNs are privacy and autonomy from big brotherly service providers. However decentralization introduces many challenges. One of the principal(More)
In this paper, we present results of non-uniform vowel normalization and show that the frequency-warping necessary to do nonuniform vowel nonnalization is similar to the mel-scale. We compare our methods to Fant's non-uniform vowel normalization method and show that with proposed frequency warping approach we can achieve similar performance without any(More)
Several systems can be modeled as sets of interconnected networks or networks with multiple types of connections, here generally called multilayer networks. Spreading processes such as information propagation among users of online social networks, or the diffusion of pathogens among individuals through their contact network, are fundamental phenomena(More)
Friedreich ataxia is caused by the expansion of a polymorphic and unstable GAA triplet repeat in the FRDA gene, but the mechanisms for its instability are poorly understood. Replication of (GAA*TTC)n sequences (9-105 triplets) in plasmids propagated in Escherichia coli displayed length- and orientation-dependent instability. There were small length(More)
Friend-to-friend networks, i.e. peer-to-peer networks where data are exchanged and stored solely through nodes owned by trusted users, can guarantee dependability, privacy and uncensorability by exploiting social trust. However, the limitation of storing data only on friends can come to the detriment of data availability: if no friends are online, then data(More)