Rajesh Nautiyal

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Three impurities in ropinirole hydrochloride drug substance at levels approximately 0.06-0.15% were detected by reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). These impurities were isolated from the drug substance. These impurities were analyzed using reverse-phase HPLC. Based on the spectral data (IR, NMR and MS), structures of these(More)
Cancer is a public health problem all over the world. Large number of plants and their isolated constituents has been shown to potential anticancer activity. Ethanolic whole plant extract of Madhuca indica showed in vitro cytotoxicity against different human cancer cell lines such as lung, neuroblastima, and colon. There was no growth of inhibition recorded(More)
The attractive response and sexual activity elicited by pre-ovulatory steroid sulphate and post-ovulatory 15K-PGF pheromones are greater in wild caught tubercular males and immature males which express breeding tubercles on the snout (at 12-13 days post androgen implant) than in non-tubercular and non-androgen implanted males of freshwater fish Barilius(More)
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