Rajesh N. Gacche

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BACKGROUND The global epidemic of hepatitis B and hepatitis C is a serious publichealth problem. Chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C are among the leading causes of preventable death worldwide. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that up to two billion people in the world have been infected with HBV; about 350 million people live with chronic HBV(More)
Dwarf plant height and tillering ability are two of the most important agronomic traits that determine the plant architecture, and have profound influence on grain yield in rice. To understand the molecular mechanism controlling these two traits, an EMS-induced recessive dwarf and increased tillering1 (dit1) mutant was characterized. The mutant showed(More)
Synthesis of novel thiophene substituted isoxazoline libraries is currently of high interest. Here, we have reported detailed syntheses of 2,5-dichlorothiophene, 5-chloro-2-(benzylthio)thiophene, and 5-chlorothiophene-2-sulphonamide substituted analogs of isoxazoline from chalcones catalyzed by NaOH in PEG-400 as green solvent. In vitro antimycobacterial(More)
Searching novel, safe and effective anti-inflammatory agents has remained an evolving research enquiry in the mainstream of inflammatory disorders. In the present investigation series of thiazoles bearing pyrazole as a possible pharmacophore were synthesized and assessed for their anti inflammatory activity using in vitro and in vivo methods. In order to(More)
In the midst of increasing multidrug resistance and the growing incidence of infections of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, there is compelling evidence for the synthesis of novel and effective anti-tuberculosis agents. In this report, we have synthesized, characterized, and evaluated benzo[1,3]oxazine derivatives as growth inhibitors of M. tuberculosis. Among(More)
Background. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) represents a major worldwide public health problem. Though several studies from Yemen have provided an estimate of the prevalence of this viral infection, there exist only few studies which reflect the status in the general population. Aim. The present study was designed to investigate the prevalence of hepatitis C(More)
Chalcone is a unique template that is associated with several biological activities. Claisen–Schmidt condensation of olefin aldehyde 3 and various mono, disubstituted and heterocyclic acetophenones afforded novel olefin chalcones. Synthesized compounds were subjected for ADME prediction by computational method which revealed that these molecules can be(More)
Diabetes is embracing the human population in logarithmic fashion both in developed as well as developing countries. Aldose reductase is one of the important enzymes of polyol pathway of sugar metabolism in humans. Aldose reductase inhibition has been identified as one of the important target for developing novel antidiabetic agents. In this report, we(More)
The present study was carried out to evaluate in vivo and in vitro anti-inflammatory potential of selected medicinal plants used in Indian traditional medication. The sequentially extracted plant samples as, Cissus quadrangularis, Plumbago zeylanica, Terminalia bellarica and Terminalia chebula in water, ethanol and hexane were evaluated in-vitro for COX-1(More)
Synthesis of metal nanoparticles for improving therapeutic index and drug delivery is coming up as an attractive strategy in the mainstream of cancer therapeutic research. In the present study, curcumin-capped copper nanoparticles (CU-NPs) were evaluated as possible inhibitors of in vivo angiogenesis, pro-angiogenic cytokines involved in promoting tumor(More)