Rajesh Mahajan

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PURPOSE Centroneuraxial and parenteral administration of ketamine has been shown to produce analgesia. However, this analgesia is limited by adverse effects. The purpose of this study was to determine whether ketamine alone or in combination with bupivacaine provides superior pain relief after surgery in patients undergoing knee arthroscopy. METHODS Sixty(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the analgesic efficacy and duration of varying doses of caudal neostigmine with plain bupivacaine and its side effects in children undergoing genito-urinary surgery. METHODS In a randomized double-blind prospective study 80 boys aged two to eight years scheduled for surgical repair of hypospadias were allocated randomly to one of four(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to evaluate the analgesic efficacy of caudal midazolam-bupivacaine combination in providing post-operative pain relief in children undergoing genitourinary surgery and to study the occurrence of adverse effects. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Thirty children, aged 2 to 8 years, scheduled for genitourinary surgery were allocated(More)
propofol and remifentanil has been reported to be successfully used in a patient with narcolepsy who underwent cardiac surgery [6]. The authors of that report considered that perioperative monitoring of the patient’s hypnotic state would have added valuable information, but this kind of monitor was not available in their department [6]. There are limited(More)
cartilage. If the PLMA has been folded over, there is no bubbling, nor there is any movement of the air column. Although the methods described by O’Connor et al. [3] to detect gas venting from the drain tube are sensitive, the soap bubble test needs expertise and soap solution may not be easily available in locations outside the operating room, e.g., in(More)
BACKGROUND Neostigmine given through the neuraxial route has been found to have analgesic properties. In this clinical trial, we evaluated for the first time the efficacy of a varying dose of caudal neostigmine for postoperative analgesia in children undergoing genitourinary surgery. METHOD In this double blind prospective study, we studied 120 children(More)
We have evaluated a mechanical glottis in healthy volunteers and in patients with bulbar motor neurone disease. In healthy volunteers, the mechanical glottis increased peak flow rate and decreased the time to peak flow during forced expiration, but cough produced even higher flow rates and shorter times to peak flow. In patients, the mechanical glottis(More)