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From the Centre for Global Health Research, Toronto (P.J., B.J., R. Kamadod); and the Epidemiological Research Centre, Chennai (V.G.); Healis-Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health, Mumbai (P.C.G.); the Rural Health Training Centre, Najafgarh, New Delhi (N.D.); the School of Public Health, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh(More)
BACKGROUND Fewer girls than boys are born in India. Various hypotheses have been proposed to explain this low sex ratio. Our aim was to ascertain the contribution of prenatal sex determination and selective abortion as measured by previous birth sex. METHODS We analysed data obtained for the Special Fertility and Mortality Survey undertaken in 1998.(More)
Despite increasing attention and investment for maternal, neonatal, and child health, stillbirths remain invisible-not counted in the Millennium Development Goals, nor tracked by the UN, nor in the Global Burden of Disease metrics. At least 2·65 million stillbirths (uncertainty range 2·08 million to 3·79 million) were estimated worldwide in 2008 (≥1000 g(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to better estimate the prevalence and severity of childhood food allergy in the United States. METHODS A randomized, cross-sectional survey was administered electronically to a representative sample of US households with children from June 2009 to February 2010. Eligible participants included adults (aged 18 years or(More)
BACKGROUND More than 2·3 million children died in India in 2005; however, the major causes of death have not been measured in the country. We investigated the causes of neonatal and child mortality in India and their differences by sex and region. METHODS The Registrar General of India surveyed all deaths occurring in 2001-03 in 1·1 million nationally(More)
We present daVinci Canvas: a telerobotic surgical system with integrated robot-assisted laparoscopic ultrasound capability. DaVinci Canvas consists of the integration of a rigid laparoscopic ultrasound probe with the daVinci robot, video tracking of ultrasound probe motions, endoscope and ultrasound calibration and registration, autonomous robot motions,(More)
BACKGROUND The age-specific mortality rates and total deaths from specific cancers have not been documented for the various regions and subpopulations of India. We therefore assessed the cause of death in 2001-03 in homes in small areas that were chosen to be representative of all the parts of India. METHODS At least 130 trained physicians independently(More)
This paper reports the development of a robotic system designed to extend a human’s ability to perform small-scale (sub-millimeter) manipulation tasks requiring human judgment, sensory integration, and hand-eye coordination. Our novel approach, which we call steady-hand micromanipulation, is for tools to be held simultaneously both by the operator’s hand(More)
Cardiac Arrhythmias shows a condition of abnormal electrical activity in the heart which is a threat to humans. This paper presents a method to analyze electrocardiogram (ECG) signal, extract the features, for the classification of heart beats according to different arrhythmias. Data were obtained from 40 records of the MIT-BIH arrhythmia database (only one(More)
BACKGROUND India's 2011 census revealed a growing imbalance between the numbers of girls and boys aged 0-6 years, which we postulate is due to increased prenatal sex determination with subsequent selective abortion of female fetuses. We aimed to establish the trends in sex ratio by birth order from 1990 to 2005 with three nationally representative surveys(More)