Rajesh Kumar Tiwari

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There are more than 1.15 million cases of breast cancer diagnosed worldwide annually. At present, only small numbers of accurate prognostic and predictive factors are used clinically for managing the patients with breast cancer. DNA microarrays have the potential to assess the expression of thousands of genes simultaneously. Recent preliminary researches(More)
and memory management are the major demands for electronics devices like ipods, cell phones, pmps, iphones and digital cameras. In this paper, we have suggested a high level of security mechanism by considering the concept of steganography along with the principle of cryptography. Four different methods that can save a considerable amount of memory space(More)
Establishing hidden communication is an important subject of discussion that has gained increasing importance nowadays with the development of the internet. One of the key methods for establishing hidden communication is steganography. Modern day steganography mainly deals with hiding information within files like image, text, html, binary files etc. These(More)
BACKGROUND Pyeloplasty is a widely accepted treatment for ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJO). However, the renal function recoverability after pyeloplasty is still a matter of debate. Different parameters have been used to predict renal functional recoverability after corrective surgery, with conflicting results. OBJECTIVES In this study, renal(More)
Cloud computing is a new computing paradigm which allows sharing of resources on remote server such as hardware, network, storage using internet and provides the way through which application, computing power, computing infrastructure can be delivered to the user as a service. Cloud computing unique attribute promise cost effective Information Technology(More)
An ideal neurotherapeutics agent for central nervous system (CNS) molecular targets should cross Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) whereas peripherally acting agent should not cross BBB to avoid CNS related side effects. Hence prediction of BBB permeability index has been proved to be an efficient tool for drug discovery and development. Various experimental and(More)
In the current world of economic crises, the cost control is one of the chief concerns for all types of industries, especially for the small venders. The small vendors are suppose to minimize their budget on Information Technology by reducing the initial investment in hardware and costly database servers like ORACLE, SQL Server, SYBASE, etc. for the purpose(More)