Rajesh Kumar Thakur

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Wind is uncontrolled and non-deterministic and causes unexpected variations in wind power and power generation in wind energy conversion systems. The drive train subjected to a varying wind power develops transients at various levels owing to interaction among the mechanical and electrical variables with non-linear characteristics. A transient performance(More)
The Cuk converter being fourth-order non-linear non-smooth with non-minimum phase dynamical system imposes complexity in the analysis and control system design. In this paper, a state-feedback control strategy along with feed-forward control based model is designed. The resulting close-loop dc-dc converter exhibits good output voltage regulation even in(More)
The possibility of the existence of quark stars has been discussed by several authors since 1970. Recently, it has been pointed out that two putative neutron stars, RXJ 1856.5-3754 in Corona Australis and 3C58 in Cassiopeia are too small and too dense to be neutron stars; they show evidence of being quark stars. Apart from these two objects, there are(More)
All the relativistic cosmological models of the universe, except Einstein’s static model, imply that the 3-space of the spacetime of the universe is also expanding apart from the matter and the radiation in it. However, there is no observational evidence of the expansion of the 3-space of the spacetime of the universe. Actually, the 3-space of the spacetime(More)
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