Rajesh Kulkarni

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Multicasting is the transmission of one packet to a group of nodes identified by single source. In multicasting multiple copies of one packet are delivered to the group of destinations. A single host may be the member of more than one multicast group. In this paper we will discuss the classification of multicast routing protocols depending upon path(More)
Usability is a desired attribute as it helps in identifying how effectively user achieves product goals. In this paper TEIM Model (THE EVOLVED INTEGRATED MODEL of Software Engineering &amp; Human Computer Interaction) designed by author<sup>1</sup> &amp; author<sup>2</sup> is evaluated for Usability. This paper summarizes results of SUMI (Software Usability(More)
Received Dec 9, 2016 Revised Mar 27, 2017 Accepted Apr 11, 2017 Agile methodologies adaptation in software companies is an accepted norm.Rapid application development and efficient deliverables being the premise. The changing business needs, cost effectiveness and timely delivery are catered to by agile methods. Different software development models are in(More)
Concrete efforts to integrate Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction exist in the form of models by many researchers. Many efforts in this regard lead to various proposals of smooth integration of SE (software engineering) processes with HCI (human computer integration) for product development. One such effort is extended Agile process model.(More)
Older adults need more time, more training and specialized user interfaces for handling gadgets and devices. The challenges faced by the older adults' maybe inability to understand the text, visual cues and help or getting overwhelmed by the challenge of handling something new. Lot of literature is available for addressing the usability of user interfaces(More)
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