Rajesh Kr. Ahuja

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This paper presents a user friendly software based solution for complete evaluation of steady-state behavior of SEIG under different operating conditions. The mathematical modeling of the machine is carried out and then simulated in MATLAB's Graphical User Interface (GUI) environment and active windows are created with these models. In this software package(More)
This paper presents a simple control structure for the stand alone operation of Self Excited Induction Generator used to operate under variable loads. The proposed system uses PWM Voltage Source Inverter, DC-DC Boost Converter and diode bridge Rectifier with SEIG. The required reactive power for the Self Excited Induction Generator is supplied by means of a(More)
— Recently wide spread of power electronic equipment has caused an increase of the harmonic disturbances in the power systems. The nonlinear loads draw harmonic and reactive power components of current from ac mains. Current harmonics generated by nonlinear loads such as adjustable speed drives, static power supplies and UPS. Thus a perfect compensator is(More)
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