Rajesh Kashyap

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Early recognition of patients at high risk of acute lung injury (ALI) is critical for successful enrollment of patients in prevention strategies for this devastating syndrome. We aimed to develop and prospectively validate an ALI prediction score in a population-based sample of patients at risk. In a retrospective derivation cohort, predisposing conditions(More)
BACKGROUND The development and validation of automated electronic medical record (EMR) search strategies are important in identifying emergent endotracheal intubations in the intensive care unit (ICU). OBJECTIVE To develop and validate an automated search algorithm (strategy) for emergent endotracheal intubation in the critically ill patient. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the relationship of Weil-Felix test and microimmunofluorescence test. METHODS Sera of 21 patients with clinical diagnosis of scrub typhus were subjected to Weil-Felix and Microimmunofluorescence tests. RESULTS On Weil-Felix test, 13 (62%) sera showed titers 1: > or = 40-320. 7 patients showed titers 1: > or = 320, 3 showed titers 1 :(More)
Himachal Pradesh state of India is situated in the outer Himalayan ranges. During the rainy season, several cases of acute febrile illness of unknown origin occurred. Orientia tsutsugamushi was identified as the causative agent by microimmunofluorescence and PCR. Two new genotypes of O. tsutsugamushi were identified in the region.
BACKGROUND Data are scarce on liver involvement in adult patients with dengue virus infection. METHODS During a recent outbreak of dengue fever in Uttar Pradesh, India, we looked for evidence of liver dysfunction among patients with dengue fever. RESULTS A total of 45 patients with dengue fever (age 7-65 [median 33] years; 29 men; 39 adults) were(More)
Spontaneous gallbladder perforation is a very rare condition in infants. Most gallbladder perforations occur in adults, frequently due to trauma. Ultrasound, peritoneal lavage, and retrograde cholangiography may give indirect evidence of the possibility of this condition. There is no definitive diagnostic modality that can definitely determine the diagnosis(More)
INTRODUCTION Pregnancy induced aplastic anemia is a rare entity and the association is not well explained. There are approximately 80 cases in the literature and we are presenting the largest series, so far, of 10 cases. RESULTS Total of 10 cases had 11 pregnancies. Mean age at presentation was 25.45 years and mean gestation when symptoms first developed(More)
In order to define the prevalence of haemostatic defects in women presenting with menorrhagia in our region, the coagulation data on women bleeders investigated in the Department of Haematology, AIIMS, were analysed. A total of 337 of the 2200 menorrhagic women investigated were characterized to have an inherited bleeding disorder; 221 of these 337 women(More)
Duodenal Diverticulum was first reported by Chomell in 1710 and was regarded an anatomic curiosity until 1913 when first radiological demonstration was done by JT Case. With modern radiological techniques and widespread use of endoscope it has been found that these diverticula occur more frequently than was formely supposed. Most of these are asymptomatic,(More)
Thirty cases of recurrent pulmonary infection and ten control cases underwent radionuclide gastroesophagography endoscopy, histopathology and barium esophagography to evaluate the clinical efficacy of scintigraphic technique in, detection of gastroesophageal reflux. After ingesting 500 micro curie of Tc-Sulphur colloid mixed in milk, patients esophageal(More)