Rajesh K. Pandey

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A new numerical method, based on the normalized Bernstein polynomials for solving singular integral equations of Abel type is presented here in this paper. We construct an othonormal family { } n i n i b 0 = of polynomials of degree n from the th n degree Bernstein polynomials n i B and use them as a basis to approximate the known and unknown functions) (x(More)
In this paper, an ECG compression method based on beta wavelet using lossless encoding technique is presented. Wavelet based compression techniques minimize the compression distortion, while run-length encoding (RLE) further increases the compression without any loss of relevant signal information. The developed technique employs a modified thres-holding.(More)
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In this paper, a new method has been proposed for low contrast image enhancement based on the lifting discrete wavelet transform and singular value decomposition. The given input image decomposes in four subbands with lifting discrete wavelet transform scheme. Then, we estimate the singular value matrix of the low-low subband image and by applying inverse(More)
Many problems in physics like reconstruction of the radially distributed emissivity from the line-of-sight projected intensity, the 3-D image reconstruction from cone-beam projections in computerized tomography, etc. lead naturally, in the case of radial symmetry, to the study of Abel's type integral equation. In this paper, a new stable algorithm based on(More)