Rajesh K Gottimukkala

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We describe the genome sequencing of an anonymous individual of African origin using a novel ligation-based sequencing assay that enables a unique form of error correction that improves the raw accuracy of the aligned reads to >99.9%, allowing us to accurately call SNPs with as few as two reads per allele. We collected several billion mate-paired reads(More)
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has enabled genome-wide personalized oncology efforts at centers and companies with the specialty expertise and infrastructure required to identify and prioritize actionable variants. Such approaches are not scalable, preventing widespread adoption. Likewise, most targeted NGS approaches fail to assess key relevant genomic(More)
Development and validation of a scalable next-generation sequencing system for assessing relevant somatic variants in solid tumors Daniel H. Hovelson, Andrew S. McDaniel, Andi K. Cani, Bryan Johnson, Kate Rhodes, Paul D. Williams, Santhoshi Bandla, Geoffrey Bien, Paul Choppa, Fiona Hyland, Rajesh Gottimukkala, Guoying Liu, Manimozhi Manivannan, Jeoffrey(More)
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