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Traditional approaches like MIL-HDBK, Telcordia, and PRISM etc. have limitation in accurately predicting the reliability due to advancement in technology, process, materials etc. As predicting the reliability is the major concern in the field of electronics, physics of failure approach gained considerable importance as it involves investigating the(More)
Energy today, is the need of 21st century. The renewable energy resources therefore are used in tremendous amount as they are easily available and cost free. But these energies in standalone forms have disadvantages such as unpredictability, availability in all time etc. which can be overcome by hybrid energy systems. They are basically consists of(More)
The land-cover pattern of Vaderahalli Village, a station within Bangalore Jurisdiction was quantified for a Radius of Influence 250m. This was achieved in 3 ways. Firstly by analysing Remote Sensing cloud free enabled satellite imageries using G.I.S. tool ‘MapInfo Professional’. Secondly and thirdly from analysis of Google Images by using ‘Google Pro’(More)
Stability studies of some novel dual action fluoroquinolonyl-3′-penicillin amides (1a-e) in aqueous DMF (1:1) solution has been carried out in presence of Cu (ic) or Hg (ic) ions and their degradation rate was monitored by UV/Vis spectrophotometric method. The results thus obtained indicate that ciprofloxacin moiety offered greater stability to the ß-lactam(More)
Multi-parameter patient monitors (MPMs) have become increasingly important in providing quality healthcare to patients. It is well known in the medical community that there exists an intrinsic relationship between different vital parameters in a healthy person, these include heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and oxygen saturation. For example, an(More)
Image encryption is used to protect the images and transform into different format. In this paper, lossless encryption for color images using binary key images has been proposed. In proposed method, the key image size is same as the original image. The key image is either a bit plane or an edge map generated from another image. The method is discussed(More)
Load Frequency control (LFC) in power system is undergoing a lot of changes due to the rapidly growing demand and due to various renewable generation integration to the existing system. This work proposes an LFC scheme based on Fuzzy Logic Control for a hybrid wind-diesel power system. Therefore the objective of this LFC is to minimize system frequency(More)
Cloud computing is a disruptive technology with profound implications not only for Internet services but also for the field of information technology. The cloud uses resources in an optimal manner, which implies sharing of resources across a s et customer. The cloud business model is hosted for a web services on Internet, so that any type of application are(More)
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