Rajesh Dasari

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Computational fluid dynamic simulations are employed to predict flow characteristics in a continuous auger driven reactor designed for the dilute acid pretreatment of biomass. Slurry containing a high concentration of biomass solids exhibits a high viscosity, which poses unique mixing issues within the reactor. The viscosity increases significantly with a(More)
Viscosity trends in pretreated corn stover slurries undergoing enzymatic saccharification were characterized for a range of initial insoluble solids concentrations from 10% to 25% and correlated with total glucose released and changes in insoluble solids concentration throughout a 7day period. Viscosity trends are defined in two phases, which coincide with(More)
The effect of varying initial particle sizes on enzymatic hydrolysis rates and rheological properties of sawdust slurries is investigated. Slurries with four particle size ranges (33 microm < x < or = 75 microm, 150 microm < x < or = 180 microm, 295 microm < x < or = 425 microm, and 590 microm < x < or = 850 microm) were subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis(More)
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