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The objectives of this study were to quantitatively verify the low levels of citrate previously observed in primary human prostatic adenocarcinomas and to determine whether citrate was further reduced in metastatic prostatic cancer. This was accomplished by comparison of citrate concentrations of DU 145 xenografts (a poorly differentiated human prostatic(More)
A series of perfused cell 31P MRS studies were conducted using a well established human prostate adenocarcinoma cell line (DU 145) at different phases of growth, and exposed to varying glucose concentrations during growth. The spectral characteristics of perfused DU 145 cells were compared with the same cells grown in nude mice (xenografts). Perfused DU 145(More)
Just as the peacock relies on his cumbersome tail to convince the peahen of his desirable qualities, many human acts of communication depend on equally costly, painful, limiting, awkward, cumbersome or dangerous displays. The development of digital technology is based on an instrumental rationality that is ill fitted to explain or support such costly(More)
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