Rajesh Chaunsali

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Previous studies of the first author and others have focused on low audible frequency (<1 kHz) shear and surface wave motion in and on a viscoelastic material comprised of or representative of soft biological tissue. A specific case considered has been surface (Rayleigh) wave motion caused by a circular disk located on the surface and oscillating normal to(More)
We present an active, purely mechanical stress wave isolator that consists of short cylindrical particles arranged in a helical architecture. This phononic structure allows us to change inter-particle stiffness dynamically by controlling the contact angles of the cylinders. We use torsional travelling waves to control the contact angles, thereby imposing a(More)
We study wave propagation in strongly nonlinear one-dimensional diatomic granular crystals under an impact load. Depending on the mass ratio of the "light" to "heavy" beads, this system exhibits rich wave dynamics from highly localized traveling waves to highly dispersive waves featuring strong attenuation. We demonstrate experimentally the nonlinear(More)
We numerically investigate and experimentally demonstrate an in situ topological band transition in a highly tunable mechanical system made of cylindrical granular particles. This system allows us to tune its interparticle stiffness in a controllable way, simply by changing the contact angles between the cylinders. The spatial variation of particles'(More)
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