Rajesh Batra

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1 Abstract In this paper, a novel approach is introduced to define a quantitative measure of closeness between vector fields. The usefulness of this measurement can be seen when comparing computational and experimental flow fields under the same conditions. Furthermore, its applicability can be extended to more cumbersome tasks such as navigating through a(More)
A method for comparing three-dimensional vector fields constructed from simple critical points is described. This method is a natural extension of the previous work [1] which defined a distance metric for comparing two-dimensional fields. The extension to three-dimensions follows the path of our previous work, rethinking the representation of a critical(More)
We recently discovered that C-shaped sub-wavelength (nano) metallic apertures when irradiated at specific resonance frequencies have extraordinary power transmission five to six orders of magnitude beyond what is observed for conventional round or square apertures. These apertures produce optical spot sizes as small as 25-50 nm using visible light in the(More)
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