Rajesh Arumugam

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Switched reluctance motor (SRM) is becoming popular due to its simple construction, low manufacturing cost, ruggedness and fault-tolerant capability. In conventional switched reluctance motor (SRM), rotor is laminated. But in solid rotor switched reluctance motor (SRM), rotor is not laminated, and it is suitable for applications where rotors are immersed in(More)
The World Health Organization (WHO) currently coordinates rotavirus diarrhea and invasive bacterial disease (IBD) surveillance at 178 sentinel sites in 60 countries. However, only 78 sites participate in both surveillance systems using a common sentinel site. Here, we explored the feasibility of extending a WHO-IBD surveillance platform to generate data on(More)
The Indian Mistletoe Dendrophthoe falcata (L.f) Ettingsh is highly specialized perennial flowering plant adapted to parasitic life on aerial parts of their hosts. Photosynthetic characteristics in leaves of D. falcata growing on a halophilic (Rhizophora mucronata) and a glycophilic (Albizia lebbeck) host trees were determined. The chlorophyll a/b ratio was(More)
This paper addresses the need for the utilization of cost effective, maintenance free electric machines in standalone wind energy conversion system meant for rural areas. The suitability of switched reluctance machine as generator for standalone rural wind energy conversion system has been explored through design and analysis. The design process, selection(More)
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