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— We propose DAvinCi, a software framework that provides the scalability and parallelism advantages of cloud computing for service robots in large environments. We have implemented such a system around the Hadoop cluster with ROS (Robotic Operating system) as the messaging framework for our robotic ecosystem. We explore the possibilities of parallelizing(More)
We present a new concept (named DA vinCi) of distributed agents, sensor networks and an intelligent server catered to the home environment. Instead of a single multi-tasking human-like robot, we propose a team of networked task-specific robotic agents that interface with each other and the environment through a spatial map built by the server. We also(More)
The World Health Organization (WHO) currently coordinates rotavirus diarrhea and invasive bacterial disease (IBD) surveillance at 178 sentinel sites in 60 countries. However, only 78 sites participate in both surveillance systems using a common sentinel site. Here, we explored the feasibility of extending a WHO-IBD surveillance platform to generate data on(More)
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