Rajendra Yavatkar

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The widespread availability of networked multimedia workstations and PCs has caused a signiicant interest in the use of collaborative multimedia applications. Examples of such applications include distributed shared whiteboards, group editors, and distributed games or simulations. Such applications often involve many participants and typically require a(More)
There is considerable interest in the network community in supporting real-time multi-party applications, such as video conferenc-ing. The Tenet Group at UC Berkeley and ICSI has designed and implemented protocols that provide quality of service (QoS) guarantees for real-time traac on packet switching networks. Suite 2 of the Tenet protocols provides(More)
We are investigating alternative transport protocol strategies for realizing large scale dissemination services across a wide area network. Communication requirements of such applications are distinct from those based on conventional client-server interactions. Conventional ow and error control methods based on the retransmissions-with-timeout paradigm are(More)
The Development of distributed, multimedia, collaborative applications requires resolution of communication issues such as concurrency control, and temporal and causal synchronization of traffic over related data streams. Existing transport and/or session layer protocols do not include desired support for multi-stream, multipoint communication. In this(More)
We provide an overview of a CPU management algorithm called RAP (Rate-based Adjustable Priority Scheduling) that provides predictable service and dynamic QOS control in the presence of varying compute times, arrival and departure of processes, and CPU overloads. A signiicant feature of RAP includes an application-level QOS manager that implements policies(More)
A best effort delivery system provides a connectionless, datagram service in which the packets may be delayed or dropped in the presence of congestion. The underlying network does not make any guarantees about performance to an application. Performance needs of various applications differ greatly and applications such as packet voice and video have strict(More)
Efficient management of non-alphanumeric data (such as images , videos, and graphs) is essential to a large number of applications. This paper discusses the issues in pictorial information modeling, examines the suitability of traditional data modeling approaches, and then proposes a new object-oriented data modeling approach, called Modeling(More)
Long-haul networks are now being used by the scientific community to access resources at the supercomputing centers. There is a need for high-level user services and tools to provide transparent and efficient access to remote resources. Tills paper describes a way to provide a computational service for supercomputer access in a distributed environment. We(More)