Rajendra Singh

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This paper presents typical and worst case root mean square (rms) delay spreads, excess delay spreads (10 dB) and mean channel path loss at 900 MHz in four European cities using typical cellular and microcellular antenna locations. A power law propagation model is used to determine how the mean wide-band channel path loss changes as a function of distance(More)
The objectives of this paper are to (1) understand the nature of men’s extramarital sexuality in three low income communities in Mumbai, India; (2) explore the associations between marital relationships and extramarital sex; and (3) assess the implications of the research results for intervention. Results are based on survey data collected from 2,408(More)
Histone variants are emerging as key regulatory molecules in cancer. We report a unique role for the H2A.Z isoform H2A.Z.2 as a driver of malignant melanoma. H2A.Z.2 is highly expressed in metastatic melanoma, correlates with decreased patient survival, and is required for cellular proliferation. Our integrated genomic analyses reveal that H2A.Z.2 controls(More)
BACKGROUND Sap sucking hemipteran aphids damage diverse crop species. Although delivery of ds-RNA or siRNA through microinjection/feeding has been demonstrated, the efficacy of host-mediated delivery of aphid-specific dsRNA in developing aphid resistance has been far from being elucidated. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Transgenic Arabidopsis expressing(More)
Vaccination of mice with Francisella tularensis live vaccine strain (LVS) mutants described so far have failed to induce protection in C57BL/6 mice against challenge with the virulent strain F. tularensis SchuS4. We have previously reported that a mutant of F. tularensis LVS deficient in iron superoxide dismutase (sodB(Ft)) is hypersensitive to oxidative(More)
OBJECTIVES GLUT-1 has been found to have an important role in the upregulation of various cellular pathways and implicated in neoplastic transformation correlating with biological behavior in malignancies. However, literature regarding the significance of GLUT-1 expression in pancreatic neoplasia has been limited and controversial. METHODS(More)
Maspin, a mammary homologue of Serine Protease Inhibitors, has been shown to inhibit tumor progression and metastasis. Recently, its biological functions have been linked to its subcellular localization. Specifically, a nuclear, opposed to a combined nuclear and cytoplasmic localization has been associated with increased survival in human malignancies,(More)