Rajendra R. Sawant

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The time integral of the output voltage vector of a three-phase inverter is often termed the inverter flux vector. This paper addresses the control of a three-phase four-leg sine-wave output inverter having an LC filter at its output, by controlling the flux vector in three dimensions. Flux vector control has the property that an output filter resonance is(More)
Due to wireless and decentralized nature, multi-hop wireless networks are attractive for variety of applications. These properties also pose significant challenges to their developers and so require new types of algorithms. In cases where traditional wired networks usually rely on some kind of centralized entity, in multihop wireless networks nodes have to(More)
A novel discrete time control technique for Induction heating system is discussed. Discrete time control system is modular and flexible compared to its continuous counterpart. This control system holds major advantages of both phase shift control and pulse density modulation. Complete performance analysis of newly developed algorithm was done by(More)
The perception-based approach of feature extraction methods for CBIR has been summarized. It has proposed an experimental analysis of mathematical modeling of textural contents for images, having a perceptual meaning and application such as coarseness, directionality, contrast, and busyness. An objective is to find an effective method to estimate perceptual(More)
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