Rajendra Phartyal

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Vitellogenin is a female-specific calcium-binding glycolipophosphoprotein synthesized in the hepatocytes of fishes. Its synthesis can be induced in fishes of either sex by estradiol or by xenoestrogens. To study the in vitro synthesis of vitellogenin, different culture conditions were set up using the hepatocytes of Clarias gariepinus. The present study(More)
Three types of vitellogenins (Vgs) namely vitellogenin A (VgA), vitellogenin B (VgB) and vitellogenin C (VgC) have been identified in fishes. The existence of VgA and VgB is reported in the Indian freshwater murrel Channa punctatus. Gene-specific primers were designed using available nucleotide sequences in National Centre for Biotechnology Information(More)
Chalcones comprise a characteristic framework of 1, 3-diaryl-2-propen-1-one. They have been heralded as promising anti cancer drugs and have received much attention in the field of cancer research and drug development. The cytotoxicity of these potent pharmacophores is attributable to a wide spectrum of biological activities like anti inflammatory, anti(More)
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