Rajendra P Pandey

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Modulation of immune response to alleviate disease has been of interest since long. Plant extracts have been widely investigated for possible immunomodulatory properties. We have evaluated the anticellular and immunomodulatory properties of ethanolic extract of Acorus calamus rhizome. This extract inhibited proliferation of mitogen (phytohaemagglutinin;(More)
In continuation to our earlier studies with peptidomimetic opioid compounds, we have further investigated immunosuppressive properties of one of our peptidomimetic compound (Tyr-NH-CH2-CH2-O-Phe-NH2) using peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of healthy volunteers. Peptidomimetic compound was evaluated for its effect on anti-CD3 and recombinant human(More)
The vascularly isolated abdominal circulation of chloralose-anesthetized dogs was perfused at constant flow through the aorta and drained at constant pressure from the inferior vena cava. Changes in resistance were calculated from changes in perfusion pressure and changes in capacitance were calculated by integrating changes in venous outflow. While carotid(More)
AIM To observe the neurological complications arising from various tribal practices and their management. Penetrating head injuries comprise only a small number of total head injuries. A penetrating head injury by deliberate attempt to treat an ailment is almost unheard of. MATERIAL AND METHODS We present here a case of penetrating head injury caused by(More)
Photosensitization reaction of drugs leading to the formation of reactive oxygen species under ultraviolet radiation (UVR) can cause tissue injury, resulting in damage to various cellular macromolecules. The aim of this study was to determine the singlet oxygen generation potential of some commonly used antibiotics so that due precautions can be exercised(More)
India, an agriculture-based country, relies heavily on indigenous farm machinery. In our study we present 31 patients with winnowing fan blade head injury, operated on at our centre between 2004 and 2008. The mechanism and nature of the injuries, operative methods, outcome and methods of prevention are discussed with special reference to the occurrence of(More)
Forty foreign bodies (29 located in oesophagus and 11 located in the stomach) were removed by means of a flexible fibreoptic endoscope over a period of two years. The foreign bodies consisted of coins, a pin, a needle, a big button, a key ring, a fish bone, a denture, some fruit seeds, a meat bolus, a lock, a golden chain, a diamond nose ring, an ear top(More)
135 cases of oral cancer have been treated by two fractions per week, and the results are compared with 115 approximately identical cases treated by conventional five days a week schedule with other parameters being identical. Radical irradiation was done by 6000 and 6500 rd in 6--6 1/2 weeks (NSD 1800--1900 ret) and palliative dose was 4500 R/4 weeks (NSD(More)
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