Rajendra P. Dikshit

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Bacterial hemoglobin (VtHb) is produced by the gram-negative bacterium, Vitreoscilla, in large quantity in response to hypoxic environmental conditions. The vgb gene coding for VtHb has been cloned in E. coli where it is expressed strongly by its natural promoter. The expression of the vgb gene in Vitreoscilla is transcriptionally regulated by oxygen. When(More)
Two Escherichia coli mutants that lack both cytochrome o and d terminal oxidases are able to grow with glucose as the carbon source but not with the aerobic substrates succinate or lactate. One of these, GV101, is a deletion mutant of cytochrome o and a point mutation of cytochrome d. The other, GK100, is a total deletion mutant of all the genes for both(More)
Tea leaves are known for its antibacterial activity against many microorganisms. In this study we attempted to describe the synergistic antimicrobial activity of tea and antibiotics against enteropathogens. Antimicrobial activity of boiled water tea extract and organic solvent extract were studied against Salmonella typhimurium 1402/84, S. typhi, S. typhi(More)
A series of nitrate reductaseless mutants of the blue-green alga (cyanobacterium), Cylindrospermum fertilissimum, have been isolated by selecting clones resistant to chlorate. Chlorate resistant mutants obtained spontaneously showed partial block in nitrate utilization and nitrogen fixation. Resistant derivatives were also obtained after NG mutagenesis.(More)
A greenhouse experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of increasing exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP)viz. 11, 17, 35, 58 and 70 on the growth and the concentration of important macronutrients in needles and stems of Casuarina obesa Miq., C. glauca Sieb. ex. spreng., C. cunninghamiana Miq. and C. equisetifolia Forster and G. Forster. A significant(More)
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