Rajendra Kumar Sahoo

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Gorham's syndrome (GS) is a rare disorder characterized by proliferation of vascular channels resulting in destruction and resorption of osseous matrix leading to bone loss. Bone loss leads to joint instability and problems during airway management and positioning for surgery. Respiratory involvement further complicates anaesthesia management. We report the(More)
Anterior cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome (ACNES) is one the most common cause of chronic abdominal wall pain. The syndrome is mostly misdiagnosed, treated wrongly and inadequately. If diagnosed correctly by history, examination and a positive carnett test, the suffering of the patient can be relieved by addressing the cause i.e. local anaesthetic with(More)
The incidence of acute coronary syndrome after a lung resection is less, especially in an asymptomatic patient. However, arrhythmias are very commonly encountered which can be benign or may require anti-arrhythmic agents thereby increasing stay postoperatively in the Intensive Care Unit. We encountered unexpected ST-T changes after a left upper lobectomy(More)
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