Rajendra Kumar Roul

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Serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) has been suggested as an accurate means of monitoring prostate cancer. An analysis of PSA levels and bone scan findings was carried out in a heterogeneous group of patients with a view to determine whether PSA can accurately predict bone metastases in carcinoma prostate. Of the 48 patients studied, all 10 untreated(More)
The Traditional apriori algorithm can be used for clustering the web documents based on the association technique of data mining. But this algorithm has several limitations due to repeated database scans and its weak association rule analysis. In modern world of large databases, efficiency of traditional apriori algorithm would reduce manifolds. In this(More)
The dynamic web has increased exponentially over the past few years with more than thousands of documents related to a subject available to the user now. Most of the web documents are unstructured and not in an organized manner and hence user facing more difficult to find relevant documents. A more useful and efficient mechanism is combining clustering with(More)
The World Wide Web serves as a huge repository of information that is highly dynamic, diverse and growing at an exponential rate in a lightening speed. In order to speed-up and further improve tasks like information search and retrieval, personalization etc; it is highly important to develop techniques to classify text documents more accurately and(More)