Rajendra Bommireddy

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The incidence of osteoporotic fractures is increasing with an ageing population. This has potential consequences for health services, patients and their families. Treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures (OVCFs) has been limited to non-surgical measures so far. The social and functional consequences of balloon kyphoplasty, a recent(More)
Caudal epidural steroid injection is a very common intervention in treatment of low back pain and sciatica symptoms. Although extensively used, it is not devoid of complications. A few reports of chemical and infective arachnoiditis exist following lumbar epidural anaesthesia, but none following a caudal epidural steroid injection.We report a case of(More)
As the prevalence of syphilis rises, an increase in tertiary syphilis with spinal involvement is predicted. We report what we believe to be the first case of compressive cervical spine syphilitic gummata, with central cord compression signs. We also review the relevant literature to date. The diagnosis of syphilis in the spine relies on the physician to be(More)
Age-related loss of functional muscle mass is associated with reduced functional ability and life expectancy. In disseminated cancer, age-related muscle loss may be exacerbated by cachexia and poor nutritional intake, increasing functional decline, morbidity and accelerate death. Patients with spinal metastases frequently present for decompressive surgery(More)
BACKGROUND Stroke is a common provisional diagnosis in patients presenting to the emergency department (ED) with unilateral neurological deficit. Cervical epidural abscess (CEA) may also present clinically with a unilateral neurological deficit. OBJECTS To highlight the inherent problems with diagnosing cervical epidural abscess and possible consequences(More)
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