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Soy beans dangerous pests are mites and thrips, that is why the present paper aims at the examination of the changes in their numbers and dominance relations of some varieties of different maturity groups. The small plot experiments were conducted in Kisalföld region with the following soybean varieties: early ripening Bólyi 38, Evans, McCall, middle(More)
Lysosomal aryl sulphatase activity in rat liver is demonstrated by a modification of the existing processes of fixation, incubation and processing. The choice and concentration of the fixative, duration of fixation and thickness of liver slices are found to be important factors in maintaining the levels of enzyme activity. Reliable and reproducible results(More)
Chilomastix megamorpha n. sp., is described from the caecum of the Indian guinea-pig. In its dimensions, the new organism is the largest among the mammalian species. The length ranges (in microns) from 24.0–42.6, average 31.6; the breadth ranges from 10.0–20.5, average 15.3. The normal shape of the body is elongated-oval, with a pointed anterior end and a(More)
Material and Methods The viscera of slaughtered horses obtained from Hyderabad City, India, were brought to the laboratory, where a thorough search for intestinal Protozoa was made. It was found that a rich Protozoan fauna inhabits this host. Besides the species described here, other protozoan species new to Science were found in this host and are described(More)
Monocercomonoides sayeedi n. sp., is recorded from the rumen of an Indian goat, Capra hircus Linn. The typical individual is egg-shaped. The nucleus is irregular in shape and contains a central karyosome and extra-karyosomal granules. Two blepharoplasts are present, connected by a rhizoplast. The dorsal blepharoplast has three basal granules from which the(More)